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Sun Tunnels: Are They Worth It?

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No matter how “natural” bulb manufacturers claim to make fluorescent lights, one thing remains true– they’re hideous. It may sound harsh, but in our opinion, there’s simply no competition between warm and cheerful natural lighting and the drab and dreary artificial. That’s why we love our VELUX tubular skylights, Sun Tunnels. Are they actually worth the hype we give them though? Read on to find out…

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Sun Damage: Roofing Edition

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We all know the effects the sun can have on our skin. But what about that other outer layer that protects us? That’s right– we’re talking about your home. More specifically, your home’s roof. Read through our list of the top 4 signs that the scorching sun is assaulting yours.

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Myth Busters: Roofing

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Unlike paper towels, milk or even a new home; a new roof is something that many homeowners will only purchase once in their lifetime. Because of this, there are a lot of industry unknowns that result in incorrect information being passed around. That’s where we come in– to demystify the world of roofing and clear up any myths that may have been created.

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3 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Roof This Spring

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According to the calendar, it’s been spring for a while, but it’s taken Central Arkansas a little longer to get the message. Now that the weather is warming, we’re finally ready to say, “Spring has sprung!” Before you whip out your mops, brooms and rubber gloves to start your spring cleaning, start from the top– your roof, that is.

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4 Signs Your Roofer is a Scam

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Spring has sprung, and you know how the old saying goes: “April showers bring May… roofing scams!” This may not be exactly how you learned the nursery school rhyme, but unfortunately, it’s nevertheless true. Scammers use this conveniently stormy season to prey upon homeowners, using fear to con them into high-dollar “solutions” for their home. Fight back against unethical contractors by staying educated. Read our top 4 warning signs that you shouldn’t trust your roofer.

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Weather the Storm

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With a storm season lasting from October-January, and tornado season picking up soon afterwards from March-May, our Central Arkansas customers get their unfortunate share of storms each year. With this in mind, we’ve chosen our state’s Severe Weather Awareness week to help educate the public on how to stay safe through every stage of a storm’s occurrence. Let’s take a look.

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Ice Dams: Snow Good

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Icicles. They’re long, shiny and look like magical decorations on the side of a house. Beautiful, right? Unfortunately, these delicate, cold-weather phenomena aren’t as awe-worthy in the roofing business. In fact, they even go by a much scarier name– ice dams. Learn about what these are, what they’re caused by, and what to do if you find one on your rooftop. Continue reading

Is Your Roof Reindeer-Proof?

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It’s the end of December, and temperatures are dropping as quickly as holiday lights are being hung. This time of year always means the three S’s are on their way– storms, snow and Santa (with all eight of his reindeer). Make sure your roof is Santa-ready by checking for these warning signs that it’s time to contact us.

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‘Tis the Season for Ladder Safety

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It’s November 24, and the only remaining signs of Thanksgiving are the tubs of leftovers in your refrigerator and the fact that your pants are now more snug. For many, this means one thing– it’s time to deck the halls! Before you set up your ladder and put yourself at risk, remember to follow these steps to keep things merry and bright.

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