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Month: March 2016

Understanding Our Certifications

In one of our previous blogs on how to decide on a professional roofer, one of the things we mentioned asking your potential roofer is what accreditations or certifications they’ve earned. They can list a whole slew of certifications but until you know what they mean, they don’t really hold a lot of weight. So we’re using this blog to help explain the different roofing certifications and business accreditations you’ll hear about when you talk to a P.I. roofer.
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How To Perform Your Own Beginner’s Roof Leak Inspection

In the day and age of Pinterest and the popularity of Do-It-Yourself techniques, it’s important to take a step back from your laptop and truly consider if a roof leak inspection is something you consider a DIY project (refer back to our Don’t DIY blog for reasons why). Or just type “pinterest fails” into any search engine like Google or Bing, and you’ll see what we mean. You wouldn’t perform surgery if you weren’t a doctor. Why would you try to repair the one thing keeping your family safe if you’re not a roofer?
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Gutter Helmet Eliminates Gutter Spring Cleaning

In a matter of days, spring will officially begin, which for many of us means spring cleaning. As you carefully scrub down every corner in your house and organize each room, don’t forget to pay a little extra attention to the exterior of your home as well – particularly the gutters! Arkansas storms can wreak havoc on your roof and gutters and while it can be a pain to clean, letting leaves and debris build up will cause even more of a headache in the way of extensive repairs on your home. And that’s why Gutter Helmet exists, a guaranteed system that allows you to say goodbye to ever climbing a ladder again. Without Gutter Helmet, buildup and debris can cause the following problems:
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In Case of Arkansas Roof Emergencies

Along with sunshine, longer days, green grass and beautiful flowers, spring can bring some of the year’s most detrimental storms – which often result in roof damage. Strong winds, heavy thunderstorms and tornadoes alike can take a perfectly good central Arkansas roof and leave it with missing shingles, gaping holes – or remove it all together – in a matter of seconds.

In these instances, your home needs immediate attention, and setting up an appointment with a local roofer a couple weeks out when you’ve got roofing problems now will have you stressed more than is necessary. Thankfully P.I. Roofing has everything in place that you need “in case of emergency”, like being on call for you day and night all year long.
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Roofing On Location: Waterford Apartments

As we rolled up to the Waterford Apartments located in Little Rock, the first thing we noticed was the condition of the shingles. They needed some P.I. Roofing TLC. With the amount of buildings located at Waterford, we knew this was an extensive job, but we were excited to take on the project. The old red-orange shingles had seen better days and with spring storms approaching, this was the perfect time to update the Waterford roof protection and design.
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