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Month: February 2016

Will a New Roof Increase My Home’s Value?

It’s decided: You’ve done the math. You’ve checked out the school districts and you’re ready to move. And that means you need to put your house on the market. Selling your home can be stressful, and making the right decisions regarding updates and staging are crucial to getting top dollar for your house. Certain projects, like redoing your kitchen, are almost guaranteed to significantly increase your final sale price, while others are more of a gamble – like roof work. So, will replacing your roof or doing extensive repairs really pay off when selling your home? Yes and no. Let us explain…
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Employee Spotlight: Sara Lee

Going on almost 9 years as a P.I. Roofing employee, Sara Lee started as a receptionist and quickly moved up in the company due to her determined work ethic. One of Sara’s many star qualities is her ability to speak Spanish which helps greatly with P.I.’s Hispanic employees and customers. With her phenomenal customer service skills and determination to always get the job done despite obstacles, Sara Lee is an invaluable part of the P.I. Roofing office staff.
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3 Important Questions to Ask Your Roofer

Roofing knowledge and expertise is extensive. As it should be! They are complicated things with many materials, tools, tactics, and strategies involved. Which is why we put such an emphasis on training our people and keeping all staff up-to-date on new roofing trends, products, and procedures. But as a banker, a teacher, a parent, an accountant, or an artist, you don’t know what to ask your roofer to ensure you are getting the best quality work and products. We want to help you out on that.

These aren’t just questions you should ask us. These apply to any contractor you enter into an agreement with. We know choosing a company to provide the safety of a roof over your head is tough and we want to make the process as easy as possible.

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Gutter Helmet: Super Bowl Protection Against Roof Clutter

The Super Bowl is the culmination of the best of the best going against each other in the ultimate clash of the titans. Gutter Helmet is a revolutionary gutter protection system that protects your home from the harmful effects of clogged gutters. More homes are protected by Gutter Helmet than any other gutter guard brand. Because it’s the best of the best! And here’s why:

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