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Month: January 2016

How To: Reduce Winter Energy Costs

If you’re wondering how insulation works, think of stepping outside in the middle of winter with a fuzzy, cozy hat on your head. Then visualize the chill that sets in when you take that hat off. In this picture, the hat and your hair equal the insulation and roof of your home. They are designed to keep warmth in in the winter. So it makes sense that adding insulation and ensuring old insulation is still doing its job decreases energy costs by reducing the needed energy to keep your home at a cozy temperature.

Heating your home accounts for more than half of the energy that’s used in a single family sized home. With the reality that proper insulation installation lowers energy waste and shrinks energy bills, it’s time to give your insulation a second look. Roofing professionals will need to be educated on the following things:
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Surprising Rooftop Art You Have to See

Artists have been commissioned to create murals for city walls for centuries that represent what that city has been through, is going through, or what it hopes for the future. Or perhaps the city just wants a pretty wall to display to incoming tourists. Or an artist takes it upon himself to make a statement without anyone’s commission. Whatever the reason, wall art is crawling its way up to the roof. And some beautiful things are being made on our favorite places of buildings! Here are a few rooftop art pieces we really enjoy.
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Roof Maintenance: Your Easiest 2016 Resolution

The statistics for how many people actually accomplish and carry out their New Year’s resolutions are grim. The majority of people don’t make it beyond the month of January and for those who do, less than half make it beyond the 6-month mark. However, we don’t think this information should get you discouraged enough to never make goals again. We think it should get you thinking about making the RIGHT goals. Experts claim lack of motivation is what deters people from carrying out their goals. So what if you made your goal the safety and protection of your home and family and what if someone else took on all the work for you? That’s what we call a win-win situation.

Here’s why we think roof maintenance in Central Arkansas is a worthy and admirable goal to set for yourself this year:
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