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Month: December 2015

2016 Roofing Trends: Thinking Forward

Christmas is a good time to reflect on the past year and enjoy the happy memories. For us, that means thinking of all the families we helped keep warm and safe and the friendships we deepened with employees, clients, and vendors. We also get to evaluate how much we grew and how much we learned in the past year.

The New Year is a good time to look forward and get excited about new employees, products, and technology that will help P.I. be the best company it can be in 2016. We always want to stay on top of industry roofing trends to better serve Central Arkansas roofing needs.

After much research, here are our predictions and insights for trends in the new year:
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Winter Roofing Weather Effects

It may feel like spring break here in Central Arkansas, but if you’ve lived here for longer than a year you know that it never lasts. Last year Jack Frost decided to wait until March to make his appearance in a big way by icing over our streets and homes. Because of the unpredictability of an Arkansas winter, P.I. is always on call and ready to help you get peace of mind by preparing your roof for winter roofing weather effects.
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A Central Arkansas Roofing Year in Review

We’re now in December and in just a couple of weeks, 2015 will be a thing of the past. And while we are so excited to look forward to the exciting future of P.I. Roofing, we always want to remember some of our favorite projects, accomplishments, and people we met this past year. So for us and for all P.I. Roofing fans, we’ve created a small thumbnail view into the year we had that includes some of the central Arkansas projects that make us proud to be P.I. roofers.
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Deck the Roof Without Hitting the Deck

We all have different competition levels come out of our personalities around the holidays. Who can make the best tasting turkey and stuffing? Who can buy the most thoughtful gifts? Who can make the tallest, fattest snowman?

But the competition we want to focus on is what we like to call the Griswold Factor. Of course, if you’ve seen Christmas Vacation, you know exactly what we mean; having the brightest and best outdoor lighting and decorations on the block. As far as we know, there are no classes in central Arkansas you can enroll in for Christmas light hanging and Rudolph stabilizing, so here’s our crash course for you.
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